Folding cranes in memory of trans activist Ian Harris Schroeder

Searching for Eon

Searching for Eon is a story telling practice created by Miriam Julianna in response to the death of a loved one on the eve of Forty-Five’s election. This practice involves the continuous folding of reclaimed paper into origami cranes. When the viewer engages with the artist, the artist relays the story of her friendship with trans activist Ian Harris Schroeder.

Towards the end of their life Ian asked to be remembered by loved ones as Eon- “like goes on forever and ever”. The artist folds cranes towards infinity in Eon’s memory with the hope that the viewer will feel called to address transphobia in their lives. At the end of the story the viewer is given a crane to represent the artist’s desire for them to walk away with a piece of Eon on their heart. The artist is cisgender and encourages when possible for the viewer to ask any uncomfortable questions so that she may do the emotional labor before the viewer carries their prejudices into interactions with a transgender/non-binary person.


A Fold-In is held by inviting the public to join the artist for a performance of Searching for Eon. Participants are asked to wear a monochromatic outfit in any color of the rainbow, and together the participants and the artist create a living breathing rainbow of people folding cranes in memory of trans activist Ian Harris Schroeder.

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Lafayette Square, June 1st, 2019
Lafayette Square, June 1st, 2019
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In response to Covid-19 Fold-Ins planned for the Spring of 2020 must be canceled. Instead, I am inviting you to participate in a Phone-In. Enter your information below and I will call you to share the story behind Searching for Eon.

Your information will only be used for this project and will not be given to any third parties (scout's honor). If you aren't able to answer when I call, I'll leave you a voicemail.


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